Advanced Electronic Cigarette, Sinuous Elips LSK-C Stylish E Cig Starter Kits
Sinuous Elips LSK-C Advanced Electronic Cigarette

NEW!  Sinuous Elips LSK-C Advanced Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit includes everything you need to setup completely with two advanced e cigarettes, accessories, and pass-thru charging system.  The LSK-C model Sinuous Elips' newest advanced e smoke type with a one piece cartomizer holds approximately 2 ml of your favorite e juice.  The new model Sinuous Elips LSK does away with the tank-atomizer-sleeve with a simple 1-piece cartomizer which combines the atomizer-tank-sleeve all into one easy to use unit. 


Now even easier to use than before yet advanced enough that you won't out grow.  One of the smoothest esmoke drawing atomizer available on the market.  Smooth, silky, and thick vapor from a compact package and stylish design.  The flattened oval-shape, light weight, and compact design is stylish and delivers the goods as though it had dual coils.  The large manual switch button allows you to control how the esmoke is delivered.  The advanced pass-thru charging system allows you to charge your e cigarette while you use it.  Advanced technology, quality electronic cigarette at a value price everyday, that's how we roll.


The Sinuous Elips LSK-C e cigarette starter kit from Sin City Electric Cigarette comes in Black, Silver, Red, or Blue colors.  Spare and replacement cartomizers are available in colors to match your battery color.

The Sinuous Elips LSK-C Starter Kit comes with the following:


  • 2 - rechargeable manual batteries (Black, Silver, Red, or Blue).
  • 2 - advanced battery color-matching cartomizer unit.
  • 5 - silicon mouthpiece covers
  • 1 - USB wall charger (allows you to charge your e cig from your wall electrical outlet, has an USB port to plug the charging cable into)
  • 1 - USB charging cable (plugs into most any USB port on one end and the other into your e cigarette)
  • 1 - manual
  • 1 - deluxe gift box (can be used as a stylish storage chest for your e-cigarettes)





  • Approximately 4" long and just under 3/4" wide
  • 2 - 3 hour charging time
  • Battery life is approximately 400 charging times
  • Approx. 2 ml e-juice tank capacity
  • Approx. 300 - 350 drags per charge
  • Powerful 360 mAh battery in a compact design
  • 2.5 - 2.8 ohms coil resistance
  • No leak design cartomizer

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