Advanced Electronic Cigarette, Sinuous Elips LSK-A Stylish E Cig Starter Kits
Sinuous Elips LSK-A Advanced E Cigarette

Sin City Electric Cigarette Advanced E Cigarette, the Sinuous Elips LSK-A.  This is one of the best selling electronic cigarettes on the market today. First introduced late last year, the Sinuous Elips has quickly become a best-seller.  We have both the LSK-A and LSK-C models.

It's no wonder.  The Sinuous Elips' smaller-size and the cartomizer e-juice delivery system combination gives great esmoke with every puff.  The battery for the Sinuous Elips comes with a pass-thru charger which allows you to charge your e cigarette while you smoke.  This would be perfect in your car or truck where it could be charging while you take some occassional puffs.   The included USB charging cable will work on most any car socket USB adapter or purchase one here (USB car charger adapter).

Vaping has gotten a lot better lately.  This is one of the smoothest drawing e cigarette available today.  With the Sinuous Elips LSK, you get constant, steady flow of e-juice to the atomizer so you no longer get inconsistent amount of vapor. You will always get thick, milky esmoke with every inhale.  The manual battery allows you to control how much esmoke you want to vape with each puff. 

The starter kit comes with 2 complete set of Sinuous Elips LSK and accessories.  The Sinuous Elips LSK-A E Cigarette starter kit includes everything you need to get started such as 2 batteries, 2 color matching sleeves, 2 atomizers, a pass-thru USB charger line cable, a USB wall charger, a manual, 5 silicon mouth piece covers, 5 refillable tank cartridge and packaged in a deluxe gift box, perfect for a smoker in your life or to upgrade your disposable cartridge e cigarette.  This order is for the black version.  Other color versions are available at Sin City Electric Cigarette.

The Sinuous Elips LSK-A starter kit comes with two complete advanced electronic cigarettes and accessories.  The Sinuous Elips LSK-A starter kit includes 2 batteries, 2 battery color-matching cartomizer units (includes the atomizer and tank into one unit), 5 silicon mouth piece covers, a USB wall charger, a pass-thru USB charger adapter cable, and a manual.


In each Deluxe Elips LSK-A Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, the following is included:

2 - Advanced Sinuous Elips Atomizers

2 - Black, Silver, Red, or Blue color 360 mAh batteries

2 - Black, Silver, Red, or Blue matching color sleeves

5 - Refillable empty tanks

5 - Silicon mouth piece covers

1 - Pass-thru USB charger cable

1 - USB wall adapter

1 - Manual

1 - Deluxe Gift Box

  • Approximately 4" long and just under 3/4" wide
  • 2 - 3 hour charging time
  • Battery life is approximately 400 charging times
  • Approx. 1 ml tank capacity
  • Approx. 300 - 350 drags per charge