How to Charge Your EGO Battery

This video will show you how to charge your EGO and Sin City electronic cigarette batteries.  Very easy to use and recharge with a long life-span. 

For your first charge, you will want to charge your battery fully prior to first use.  It will come charged, but you should charge it fully prior to first use.

1st - make sure the contacts are clean and free of debris or e-juice.  Screw the battery into the adapter end (the end with the square thingy).  Just screw it in like a light bulb.  Make sure it is snug but not tight.  Insert the USB plug into most any USB outllet such as your computer or most any generic USB wall charger.  You will see a small red light on the battery adapter, this indicates that it is currently charging the battery.  It will turn green when fully charged.

2nd - Wait about 2 hours for the battery to fully charge (2 to 3 hours).  DO NOT leave the battery charging while unattended.

3rd - Unscrew the battery from the charger.

4th - Screw your favorite cartomizer or clearomizer to the fully charged battery.

5th - Press the manual button while you inhale.  Enjoy your vaping experience with a fully charged EGO battery.